The following documents are for the purpose of free sharing of information:

Roof Repair 2024-04-01 - This document briefly talks about the fact that no roof will withstand extreme hail or extreme wind.  The paper refutes two common false arguments used to push for full roof replacement rather than spot repair.  Spot repair has been and will continue to be an acceptable method of repairing roofs.

House Wrap - What is Required 2023-10-13 - This document discusses the code requirements along with common sense reasoning that must be used when repairing the siding on a residential house.

How Big Was the Hail - 2022-11-23 - This document is an easy-to-read scientific proof that we can detect the presence of hail from radar.  A simple weather study can help determine if (or when) there was significant hail at a specific location.

How to Use and Interpret Weather Radar - This document is a more elaborate presentation on Doppler Radar.  It is an excellent article created by Jeff Duda, a Ph.D in meteorology.

Collateral Evidence of Hail - This document helps relate what typical damage from various diameters of hail might look like if coming in contact with common items found at a typical residential property.

Weather Study – Hail & Radar - This article summarizes the limitations and benefits of using historical weather data to support a conclusion that there was damaging hail at a specific location.

Functional vs Cosmetic Damage - Hail can cause dents to soft metals.  What should be done?  How are dents classified?  What does this mean with regard to a hail claim?

Ice Dams 2023-01-11 - What are they? How are they formed and how to stop them.

Color Match 2023-03-30 - An introduction into the science of LIGHT and COLOR.  How science can be used to help make reasonable decisions about color matching existing building materials.

Exterior Residential Decks & 2021 IRC - Sound residential deck construction has been a moving target that has seen significant improvements in recent building codes, but they still have a ways to go to make it fool proof.  This document summarizes some of the issues with decks and the 2021 International Residential Code.

Farm Buildings: Code Exemption  - Agricultural buildings are typically exempt from complying with State Building Codes. This document summaries the code wording that exempts farm buildings from having to comply with buildings codes.

Farm Buildings: Structural Evaluations - This document had guidelines that can be used to evaluate existing agricultural (farm) buildings that are not governed by a specific code or standard.

Window: Seal Failure - This document explains the problem of a fogged window and lists the usual causes of window fogging.

Basement Walls Hydrostatic Pressure - This document explains how basement walls are intended to resist lateral soil loads. It also explains the problems associated with hydrostatic soil pressures.

Basement Insulation MN Commerce Dept - This document has information on best practice for insulating basement foundation.

Residential Ventilation - This document explains some of the different types of ventilation used in residential homes, the problems with inadequate ventilation, and the solutions to improving air quality through adequate ventilation.

MN DNR Shoreline Ice Ridges - This document explains what causes the formation of lake shores.

Residential House Repairs - This document is a guide regarding the reasonable approach to residential building repairs.

Simplified Process of Building Repair - This document a brief summary of the process of restoring a damaged building.

Asphalt Shingles - Thermal Cracking - This document provides background information that is needed to understand the issues related to thermal cracking in asphalt shingles.

Codes - Standards - Common Sense - This document explains some of the interactions between Building Codes, Specifications, Standards, and plain old common sense with regard to evaluations of existing buildings.

Warning - Is It Really Damaged - Did the home inspection come back with a statement that the roof is no good?  Do the prospective buyers want a massive reduction in purchase price?  Has panic set in?  Is it damaged?  What happens next?

Nail Pops on Asphalt Roofs - Nails can back out of wood.  Contractors, Public Adjusters, and Manufacturer’s all agree.  They see them; however, there is not a general agreement on what causes them.  This is my 2 cents on the topic.

NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers - Engineers are expected to "exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity." This document is available as a free download from the NSPE website.

Asphalt Roofs - MN Dept Labor - The Minnesota Department of Labor published this informational article that give a Code perspective on asphalt roofing, reroofing, ventilation, decking, fasteners, underlayment, and flashing.

Asphalt Roofing - Wind or Hail vs Deterioration - Course Summary - What is damage? Different people have come up with their interpretation of what hail damage is. Is that fair? Who is allowed to decide what it damage? The general public has an understanding of what damage is. The criteria for hail damage should remain the same and not be some mysterious definition created by individuals.