The following questions are not uncommon when owners are faced with damaged property.  The general public does not work with professional engineers on a regular basis.  Dealing with a damaged property can be frustrating and confusing.

What is a Structural Engineer?

Many people do not understand the role structural engineers play in building construction. This article briefly describes the differences between PE, SE, and other professional.  Read More

What is a Forensic Engineer?

“Forensic” is a broad term, but when used in front of structural engineer, its meaning is, “a structural engineer who investigates damaged or failed structures. Read More

Why is an engineer called in for this?

Restoring a damaged building can be a complicated path that most people never have to go through. A simplified path of restoring a damaged building is explained.  Read More

Can I get the engineer's findings immediately? Yes and No.

There are requirements that must be followed in Forensic Engineering Practice.  Read More

What are some examples of fraud?

Avoid any hint of fraud.  Read More

Is there a difference between hail falling straight down and hail that is wind-driven?

"It was small hail, but the wind was driving it making it more intense." Is this possible? Read More

I don’t understand the delay.  My property is obviously damaged.  Why won’t the insurance company just pay for the damage?

The answer normally has to do with whether there was “Direct Physical Damage or Loss” to the property. Read More

Are masks safe?  Which one should I use and when?

Masks can help keep certain people from breathing in bad things.  Many different masks have been perfected to give just the right amount of protection against certain particles for certain tasks. One size does not fit all.  Read More

What are your spiritual beliefs?

As part of this profession, I have seen human suffering.  Storms bring devastation.  Loss can bring significant pain and despair.  I am an engineer, but I am also a fellow member of humanity.  People have shared their pain in the past, and I have above all tried to show appropriate sympathy and compassion.  Some in return have asked what I believed.  This is a concise statement of my belief.  Read More