Structural Inspections

We investigate structures that have damage due to the weight of snow and ice, unknown collapse, tornadoes, floods, fires, settlements, moisture intrusion, construction defects, vehicle impacts, tree impacts, or other reported structural damage.

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Roof Inspections

We investigate roof damage due to wind, hail, impacts, product defect, installation error, deterioration, fraud, vandalism, or other unidentified damage.

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Drone Inspection


Some inspections require creative ways of obtaining observations.

There are ways of viewing and documenting problems using thermal cameras, inspection scopes, or drones.

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Our Main Message

A damaged property can cause the owner frustration, anger, and a feeling of loss.  We understand this hardship.

We care about people.  We listen to people.  We find and gather the facts surrounding a damage claim.

We do our work with professionalism and the highest level of ethical excellence.  Learn More

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