Storm Damage

tree impact

Storms can damage a structure in many ways.

We understand and evaluate:

Snow  •  Ice

 Wind   •  Hail

Tornados  •  Waves

Rain  •  Flooding

Moisture  •  Tree Impacts

Structural Fire

house fire

After a fire building must be evaluated for safety.

Does it need shoring?

Is is safe?

Is it a total loss?

Can it be saved?

What is damaged?

Should it be repair or replace?


weight of snow and ice

Buildings can show unwanted hazardous distortions.

Relative elevation readings can give an indication of movement.

The pattern of movement can help determine the cause of the movement.



Unwanted moisture on the interior of a building can cause all sorts of problems such as mold, rot, odors, and health issues.

Knowing the origin and cause of the moisture is essential in fixing the problem.


vehicle impact

Accidents happen.

We evaluate:

  • Vehicle Impact
  • Structural Over Loads
  • Construction Accidents
  • Construction Errors
  • Owner Errors



Sometimes the problems go deeper into the ground.

Measurements and observations can give good evidence of foundation settlement issues and help determine the root cause.

Code Issues


When a building needs repair, it is often the time to fix other issues.

Some issues must be fixed per the Building Code, others may not.

We can help address what is required.


description under photo

Unfortunately, it happens. Some will deliberately try to deceive others for unlawful gain.

Fraud is wrong, unlawful, and there is a victim that must be protected.

Typical Building Materials

With over 19 years of structural design experience, I have designed numerous structural components. I am familiar with most building materials.

Wood : Dimensional, Glued Lam, Plywood, Engineered Products, Trusses, Timber

Steel : Hot Rolled, Composite, Welded Trusses, Cold-formed, ​Plate Structures

​Concrete : Plain, Reinforced, Post-Tensioned, Pre-Stressed

Masonry : Unreinforced, Reinforced, Brick


Typical Structures we Inspect

Residential Homes • Residential Condos  • Apartments • Hotels • Warehouses • Factories • Restaurants • Hospitals • Banks • Retail • Equipment Supports • Canopies • Office Buildings​ • Stairs • Docks/Marinas • Shoreline Structures • Signs • ​Foundations • ​Pole Buildings • Prefabricated Metal Buildings • ​Agricultural Bldgs • ​Retaining Walls • ​Industrial Buildings

construction defect

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